The Iele are a group of river witches who reside in a cave in the Olt River.


Deep BlueEdit

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In Deep Blue, the Iele were first seen in the prologue, when they are holding hands in a circle, summoning the six descendants to their cave with a chant, as well as trying to keep the demon Abbadon at bay. After that, they were mentioned many times by the protagonists as they struggled to make their way to the Olt River. Many times, people tried to convince the mermaids that the Iele were simply a legend, creates to scare young Mer into behaving.

Near the end of the book, the mermaids all arrive at the lair of the Iele. The leader, Magdalena, brings them into the Incantarium, where the mermaids engage in a fight with Abbadon. Some Iele get injured, but they continue their chant to stop the demon.

Rogue WaveEdit

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The Iele are not seen in Rogue Wave, but they are mentioned by the protagonists a few times.