Ling is one of the descendants of the Six Who Ruled. She is the descendant of Sycorax and is an omnivoxa, so she can speak to all animals.


Deep BlueEdit

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In Deep Blue, Ling made her first appearance at the Olt River bar, when Serafina and Neela entered it through the mirror. After they met, Ling joined them in their journey. Shortly after they began traveling together, Ling began talking to Sera, which resulted in Sera going shoaling and getting caught in a fishing net. Ling went to save her, but ended up getting caught in the net herself. With the help of Neela and Sera, she managed to escape, but she broke her wrist in the process.

They continued journeying on, and when they reached the mouth of the Dunarea River, they met Lena, a girl who loves catfish. She hid them from the death riders and healed Ling's wrist.

Rogue WaveEdit

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In Rogue Wave, Ling is first mentioned when she sends a convoca to Serafina. She also appears at the very end of the book, where she is being tortued by Rafe Mfeme. She finds out a very important piece of information just as the book ends-Rafe is Orfeo.

Deep TideEdit

Remains to be seen, but it appears that Ling is on the cover.


Ling has black hair that she wears in two braids down the sides of her head.

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