Portia Volnero is from the Volnero family, which is almost as powerful as the Merrovingia. She has a romantic relationship with Vallerio.


Deep BlueEdit

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In Deep Blue, Portia Volnero is first seen when

Rogue WaveEdit

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In Rogue Wave, Portia Volnero is first seen when Neela and her brother Yazeed sneak into the throne room, where it is revealed that Portia is leading Traho and his soldiers. It is then revealed that Portia wants her daughter, Lucia Volnero, to be crowned queen of Miromara, for they have been spreading the rumors that Serafina has died. Lucia was not thought to be a descendant of Merrow, for her mother and supposed father were not. But when Lucia has to face Alitheia in the test, she passes. At first it seems impossible, until it is revealed that Vallerio was her father, and that they had been lying the whole time. So it is proclaimed that Lucia will be queen, and that she will be engaged to Mahdi.

From there, it shows Portia talking with Vallerio about their plots to take over all the Mer realms instead of just stopping at Miromara. She also talks about how they have not yet been able to capture Serafina, and that, as long as she is alive, Lucia's rule is not safe.


Portia Volnero is cunning and calculating, and not very kind.


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