Serafina is one of the protagonists in the WaterFire Saga. She is the descendant of Merrow, and the Principessa di Miromara. She is a mermaid with a stubborn but determined personality. She is afraid of letting people down, especially her mother.


Early LifeEdit

Serafina was raised in the palace in Cerulea, capital of Miromara. She was raised with the burden that someday, she will become regina of Miromara, just like her mother, Isabella. She has a brother, Desiderio. Her father is the Principe Consorte.

Deep BlueEdit

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In Deep Blue, Serafina is the main character. It begins on the day of her Dokimi ritual. Serafina is startled awake from her dream of the Iele summoning her to their cave, along with five other mermaids. When Sera gets up, she is scared by a mysterious eyeless figure she sees in her mirror, but it ends up being scared off by her maid Tavia, who says it must have just been a vitrina.

Rogue WaveEdit

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In Rogue Wave, Sera is first seen in Vadus, the realm of the mirrors.


In the beginning of Deep Blue, Serafina is described as having coppery scales up to her torso, with soft pink fins. Her hair is a darker shade of copper, and it is very long, about halfway down her tail. Her eyes are green, and they tend to portray her emotions very deeply. She has flawless olive skin. She is said to have gotten her coloring from her father. Later in the book, Neela cuts her hair into a pixie cut and dyes it black with squid ink.