The WaterFire Saga is a series of fantasy books written by Jennifer Donnelly. The first book, Deep Blue, was published in 2014. The second book, Rogue Wave, was published in 2015. The third book, Dark Tide, will also be published in 2015, in early October. The books were published by Disney Hyperion.


This series encompasses the journey of six mermaid heroines as they quest to stop an under-the-sea apocalypse. The six of them were summoned by dream to the Iele, river witches, because each of them has a special talent that can be used to stop the powerful demon, Abbadon.


Main CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


The books take place over six realms, the Realms of the Mer. Each of the six chosen mermaids comes from a different realm. The six realms are:

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